New RAW Exibition Opening

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Datum - 19/11/2016
16:00 - 19:00

Cretopia Rotterdam/ TOKO51


RAW Streetphoto Gallery

is very happy to invite you for the new exhibition opening of emerging photographer Emersom Miranda (Brazil, lives and works in Rotterdam).

We start a new chapter in the gallery history. Join us the 19th November at 16:00.

We would like to show you the night photography made by Emersom. Mysterious light with breathtaking views of Rotterdam. Emersom has an extraordinary feelings for photography of the city. He really captures unique views.

Extreme dynamism of his works makes this exhibition very important for RAW Streetphoto Gallery to expand the possibility of photography and re-evaluate Rotterdam city night life energy through photography of Emersom Miranda.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery

Toegangsprijs: Gratis
Locatie: Cretopia Rotterdam/ Toko51, West-kruiskade, Rotterdam

Vanaf 20 november