Workshop of Photoshop and Lightroom

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Datum - 24/09/2016
14:00 - 16:30

Cretopia Rotterdam/ TOKO51


RAW streetphoto gallery is delighted to invite you for the new workshop.

Do you ever look at photos in magazines and wonder why your photos never look as good. Part of the reason is that most magazine photos are photoshopped. Simple post processing is part of the workflow of any professional photographer. It is something that you have to do, especially if you shoot photos using the RAW format (as you should!)

In this workshop you will be introduced to two desktop applications:
Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Lightroom

These are the same apps as the professionals use. You can buy both these apps directly from Adobe for €12 a month. Or feel free to use any free open source editors.

In the workshop you will learn how to:
– process hundreds of images in a few hours;
– apply simple color corrections in a few seconds;
– fix blemishes in portraits or landscapes so they look as good as possible;
– manipulate images to enhance different face and body features.

The workshop has three parts:

– presentation of 1 hour with live demos of both programs
– 1 hour taking photos in rotterdam with the teacher
– 1 hour looking at your photos and showing you how a professional would process them

Cost of the workshop 10 euro per person.

Datum: 24 September 2016 –
Start: 14:00
Eind: 16:30
Toegangsprijs: 10
Locatie: Cretopia Rotterdam/ Toko51, West-kruiskade, Rotterdam

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