Son de Rotterdam brings warm rhythms of tales from far away. As their name suggests (playing with the double meaning “from Rotterdam” and “son” being the name of a Mexican folk music style), this young band holds a connection between the modern Dutch city and an ancient Latin America. The exotic Latin rhythms and the mind-blowing soul captured in their lyrics will make the audience travel to remote places. Although never abandoning the sparkling character of Rotterdam city.

    Born from a series of roof jam sessions, Son de Rotterdam took some time to crystallize into a real project. Counting currently with six members, natives of Spain and Mexico, Son de Rotterdam explores a colourful repertory from different places in Latin America, with a certain influence of Spanish Flamenco. Old sailors praying to the moon, witches that love to fly at night. Or simply a man trying to warn some chickens that they are on the menu, as his hat flies away. Everything is possible, when flute, guitars, percussion, viola, double bass and voices start flooding the streets of Rotterdam.

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    Datum: 2016-07-08 –
    Inloop: 18:00
    Start: 19:00
    Eind: 21:00
    Toegangsprijs: € 8 kaarten aan de deur €4 voorverkoop via
    Locatie: Cretopia Rotterdam/ Toko51, West-kruiskade, Rotterdam

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    Cretopia Rotterdam
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